Nocky House Massage - A Dormitory like no other!

Nocky House Massage - this has to be the best dormitory in the world! The photos speak for themselves! You can stay here for 100 baht a night.

You can draw curtains around your bed for privacy. Cook your own food in the beautiful, clean kitchen. Relax like it's your own home in the lounge area. Make friends with the other travelers.

There are 2 toilets with hot showers. There's a massage shop downstairs.

The address: 266 Ratchaphakinai Rd, very close to Moon Muang soi 9 street and Sriphum Road. For Chiang Mai, it's quite a busy street but actually it's not very busy. Nearby is Wat Chiang Man, Chiang Mai's oldest temple.

Telephone number: +66 (0)53 287588


An amazing Chiang Mai dormitory.

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Hi Iain, Thanks for such a thorough website. Just spent several hours reading your site - absolutely incredible.
Daniel, Israel

I want to thanks u a lot because of your super website. It's full of good infos and we clearly feel your heart in it! Bravo monsieur!
Yann, France

Hi Iain, In essence, a brilliant site. I often spend long periods in Chiang Mai - a site that lists all the guest houses, with monthly prices and pictures, saves me so much time and effort. It's what I was wishing for. Unbelievably useful.
Jay, England

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