Chiang Mai Guesthouses

I've been amazed at how nice some of the Chiang Mai guesthouses I've seen are. Ranging in price from 100 baht ($3 US) to 500 Baht ($15 US) a night, the following guesthouses are 'inside' the moat, in the old part of the town. Most of this area is quiet so there's no problem getting a good nights sleep.

Use the map below to locate where your chosen guesthouse is.

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To find out about 44 more guesthouses (24 have photos), EAST of the moat, click here.

For information on 28 hotels (16 with photos) inside the moat area, visit this page.

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Use my Chiang Mai map to see where the moat is in relation to the airport and bus/train station. Click on the names below to see pictures of the guest house and details including prices, telephone numbers, websites etc. Often you can book through their website or by phone/email.

There were one or two guesthouses I thought not to include because they didn't look nice but there were really only just one or two!.....Chiang Mai guesthouses have a high standard and some of the best value for money in Asia.

I haven't been paid by any of the guesthouses here...part of the reason I wanted to do this website was to provide useful and informative information and I think asking for money will hamper that considerably!....I hope you can decide yourself from the photos of the guesthouse whether or not you'd be happy to stay there.

I've generally included how long the hotels have been open for. If I've been really impressed by a guesthouse, I'll say so. Remember: $1 US = 30 Thai Baht

  • The list below is random. For example, number 1 on the list isn't number 1 because it was the best guesthouse. I've noticed many of my website visitors are looking at the first few on the list more than others - think about looking further down the list first!

1) Muan Baan - Attractive cheap bed and breakfast in a popular location. Rooms: 200-400 Baht . (opens in new window)

2) Bow Chiangmai House - Nice, smart rooms: 350-450 Baht / night. (opens in new window)

3) Previously Grace House, this guesthouse changed ownership in 2011. I'll update soon.

4) SK House 2 and SK House.....2 nice looking guesthouses with the same owner. Rooms: 400-800 Baht. (opens in new window)

5) Libra Guesthouse, A Sociable place with a lovely garden area. From 200-420 Baht. (opens in new window)

6) Previously Jacky House, the guesthouse closed in 2010 and has now become part of SK House 1 (see number 4 above).

7) SB House - Cheap Guesthouse, very cheap if you stay monthly Rooms 200-400 Baht, 2,000 / 4,500 Baht Monthly. (opens in new window)

8) Napa's House - Stay in Napa's home - she has just 3 rooms quick! Rooms: 200-250 Baht . (opens in new window)

9) Jonadda Guest House - popular, sociable...good water pressure for the hot showers. Rooms: 250-400 Baht. (opens in new window)

10) Previously Mam's Place, this guesthouse closed in 2009.

11) Nocky House (3 Guesthouses) - each one unique - like living in a home! Rooms: 100-350 Baht. (opens in new window)

12) Chang Guesthouse - Good Value. Rooms 150-200 Baht. (opens in new window)

13) Jay Guest House - backpacker prices Rooms between 100 /250 baht - cheapest from May to October . (opens in new window)

14) Pat's House - A friendly Bed and Breakfast on a quiet street. Rooms cost 300 Baht. (opens in new window)

15) RCN Residence - Popular, large place. Rooms: 500 Baht / night, 6,500 Baht a month. (opens in new window)

16) Baan Klang Vieng Hostel - an Immaculate Guesthouse. Rooms from 350-1000 Baht. (opens in new window)

17) Safe House Court - Good location. Rooms 350/450/550 Baht. A few larger rooms for 1,200 Baht. (opens in new window)

18) Chiang Mai White House - Popular, good for meeting other travelers. Quiet street. Rooms: 250-400 Baht . (opens in new window)

19) Grace Boutique House - Carefully styled and decorated rooms priced from 450 to 550 Baht.. (opens in new window)

20) Golden Fern Guesthouse - quiet street, social area with TV. Rooms 250 to 450 Baht, 50% discount for month stay. (opens in new window)

21) Taicoon House - Good location, quiet street,. From 200-450 Baht. (opens in new window)

22) Banwiang Guesthouse - Nice looking rooms, good deals if you're staying for a month. Rooms: 250-700 baht (3000-8000 baht monthly). (opens in new window)

23) The Garden - Large well furnished rooms on the Sunday Market street. Rooms: 500-700 Baht. (opens in new window)

24) Ginny House - On a popular tourist street. Rooms 100-250 Baht. (opens in new window)

25) Julie Guesthouse - Popular place for backpackers to share stories. Very sociable hang out area. Rooms: 100-250 Baht. (Dorm 70 baht).. (opens in new window)

26) Lanna Discovery Guesthouse - situated on a very quiet street. Rooms: 250-350 Baht. (opens in new window)

27) Nat Guesthouse - Popular place for backpackers. Rooms: 100-250 Baht. (opens in new window)

28) Nuanpranee House - Quiet street, good location, sociable area for meeting travelers. Rooms 300-390 Baht.. (opens in new window)

29) All in 1 Guesthouse - Smart Rooms, Central location. Rooms: 400-650 Baht. (opens in new window)

30) Thapae Gate Lodge - Good Location. Rooms priced between 250-350 Baht. (opens in new window)

31) Banana Guesthouse - A backpacker Favorite. Rooms from 100-250 Baht. (opens in new window)

32) Deejai Backpacker - close to famous Wat Phra Singh. Rooms: 250-400 Baht (dorm:150 baht). (opens in new window)

33) More Relax Guest House - Lovely quiet setting, friendly owners. Rooms: 350-500 Baht. (opens in new window)

34) Seven Suns - New ownership of hotel. More information to come shortly.

35) Golden House Guesthouse - A lovely guesthouse...some of the rooms look like hobbit houses! Rooms: 250-500 Baht. (opens in new window)

36) Phasingh Guest House - next to famous Wat Phra Singh. Rooms: 200-350 Baht (monthly 3,000 baht) . (opens in new window)

37) Wanasit Guesthouse - Very quiet area, friendly owners. Rooms: 200-400 Baht (monthly possibly 3,000 baht). (opens in new window)

38) Neo + Court and Guesthouse - very close to famous Wat Phra Singh Rooms: 150-350 Baht / daily, 2,000/3,000 monthly. (opens in new window)

39) Dasa House - Cheap monthly stays. Rooms 500 Baht/ night...5,000 Baht a month. (opens in new window)

40) Gong Kaew Huen Kum - Countryside feel in the city. Dorm: 250 Baht Rooms 680-850 Baht. (opens in new window)

41) Mountain View Guesthouse - Nice garden restaurant area. Opened since 1989. Rooms 250-800 Baht. (opens in new window)

42) Chiang Mai Western House - large hotel, quiet location. Rooms: 400 Baht. (opens in new window)

43) Maa T Nee Guest House - Good value for monthly stays Rooms: 450 Baht / night 4,500 Baht / month. (opens in new window)

Chiang Mai Guesthouses I've visited without taking photos:

44) Rendezvous Guesthouse - Amongst a clutter of popular guesthouses, this one's popular too. Nice looking, sociable guesthouse. Budget prices. Telephone: +66 (0)53 213763

45) Chiangmai Kristi House - Nice looking. Opened in 1995. 25 rooms, 300 Baht: Fan, Hot shower, BATHTUB, fridge TV....400 Baht Air-con. Telephone: +66 (0)53 418165

46) TK House - On a popular tourist street. Opened November, 2008. Rooms 350-550 Baht. All rooms TV, Hot shower. Tel: Mr Lang: 086 921 0989 Email:

47) Eagle House 2 Guesthouse - Popular, nice looking guesthouse. See their website: Rooms: 180-360 Baht. Dorm just 60 Baht. Tel: +66 (0)53 - 210 620 or 418 494 Email: Cooking school here. They'll pick you up fro free from bus/train/airport! Call them!

48) Welcome Guesthouse - opened 1999. 20 rooms. Fan: 150 Baht Air-Con: 250 Baht. CHEAP monthly stays: Fan - 2,500/month. AC: 3,000/month

49) Alley Nine Guesthouse - Popular, nice street. Private bathroom, hot shower. Rooms between 200-400 baht.

50) Supreme House - Popular but quiet street. Single rooms 175 baht. Double, 200 baht.

51) Kavil Guest - Nice location, near the Sunday Market walking street. Opened in 1994. 12 rooms, 180-350 Baht. Private b/room, hot water. Wifi in rooms. Tel: +66 (0)53 224 740 / 09-852-1875

52) Among House - Good location, quiet street, garden area. Nice looking rooms: 500 Baht. Tel: +66 (0)53 418016

53) Nice Place Guest House 2 - Popular, with swimming pool. Lots of young people. Rooms: 250-500 Baht.

54) Giant House - Quiet street, pleasant social area for meeting people. Rooms: 180 Baht (share b/room) 250 Baht, private b/room.

55) Pakinai Guest House - Large guesthouse. Rooms: 400/500 Baht/night including breakfast. Wifi in rooms. Email: Tel: +66 (0)53 287521

56) Jaidee House - Very quiet street. Prices start from just 90 Baht a night. Tel: 081 7246 988 / 083 231 5000

57) Sukwat Court - Quiet street. Monthly rate: 2,500 Baht for fan, 3,000 Baht for air-con. Rooms have TV.

58) Eckkachai House - Less touristy area location, Monthly rate: 2,500 Baht. Tel: +66 (0)53 814641

59) Siri Guesthouse - Owner said, 'Always full' so didn't need my help! Maybe always full for a good reason! Quiet street, good location.

60) Fuengfa Place - A Daily/Monthly Apartment building. Large, looked well-run. Daily 500-650 Baht. Monthly: 5,500 Baht. See their website: Tel: +66 (0)53 417207

61) Holiday Court - Fan/hot shower: 199 Baht (50 baht extra 'police fee' for tourists first night only) Air-con: 299 Baht

62) Somphet House - Nice location near Somphet market. Opened in 2004. 10 rooms: 150 single (private b/room, fan, hot shower) 200 Baht with TV. Air-Con: 350 Baht.

63) Pachkit House - Daily 450-850 Baht. Monthly: 4,000 - 7,000 Baht. See their website: Rooms look nice.

64) Canvas Cafe - Nice-looking, quiet place with a table-tennis table.

65) Top North Hotel - Very popular large hotel, 700 - 1,200 baht (oops! should be in the 'Hotel' section!) Swimming pool. See their website: See their sister guesthouse below for cheaper rooms. Tel +66 (0)53 279623

66) DN House - Nice street, Rooms: 250 Baht with TV private b/room hot water. 350 Baht with fridge. Tel: +66 (0)53 213153 / 081-8857168

67) Smile House 1 - Popular, swimming pool. Rooms: 200 baht (outside b/room) 400 Baht (private b/room, fan) 700 Baht (Air-con) See their website: They have a sister hotel (see other Chiang Mai guesthouse section) Click on 'Smile House Guesthouse' on this website. Tel: +66 (0)53 208661

68) Baan Sabai Sabai - Very central location. Rooms: 200 baht (fan), 400 Baht (Air-con, TV).

69) Same Same Guesthouse - Popular place, see their website: Email: Tel: +66 (0)53 208056

70) Top North Guesthouse - Little sister of Top North Hotel. Quieter location, with swimming pool. Rooms: 400-600 Baht See website: Tel: +66 (0)53 278684

71) T-Room Guesthouse - Located on a quiet street. Rooms: 350 Baht (fan) 550 Baht (Air-con). See their website: Tel: +66 (0)53 282495 Email:

72) Anodard Hotel - Very large hotel, 495 Baht (fan) 595 Baht (air-con). Priced on a large sign outside the hotel (might change). Has swimming pool. Wifi in rooms. Tel +66 (0)53 27 0755 Email:

73) Paneeda House - Quiet, popular street. Rooms: 150-200 Baht.

74) Lamchang House - Teak-wood building. Quiet street. Always full so good luck!

75) Family Tribal Trek - Popular place. Rooms: 200-650 Baht. Opened since 1994. Email: Tel: +66 (0)53 418069 Also have boutique rooms opposite: 650 - 1,800 Baht/night

76) Wanasit Guesthouse - Confused! Same name as number 37?! Yes, same name, next to each other but different owners. Go figure! Budget prices.

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