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There's not much accommodation in this area of Chiang Mai, near to Doi Suthep mountain. It's a lovely area to stay in - close to forested Wat Umong (there's peaceful roads to cycle beyond Wat Umong) and close to forested walks at the base of the mountain. Close by is Chiang Mai University with a wonderful lake (the university area is huge...many students live in the area below in student accommodation (if you really wanted to, I think there's a chance you could stay in some of these buildings that are geared to students although I think this accommodation gets taken up quickly by the students because of the good location...)

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1) Central Hill Place - A great apartment complex with swimming pool on a quiet road near to forested Wat Umong. Small rooms: 550 baht/daily, 4,500 baht/monthly (must stay 5 months or more). Superb looking apartment rooms: 900 baht/daily, 10,000 baht/monthly (must stay at least 5 months). (opens in new window)

2) Ayatana Hamlet & Spa - Fantastic looking suites and rooms on a really quiet road, very close to Doi Suthep mountain. Rooms/Suites: 4,000 - 16,000 Baht per night (discounts possible). (opens in new window)

3) Backpacker House - Smart looking place on a road popular with students - many internet cafes and coffee shops nearby. Rooms look nice but the daily rate is a bit expensive when compared with other Chiang Mai accommodation. However, stay for a month and it's about 3 times cheaper...and you're in a nice location. Daily rate: air con room: 500 baht per night. Fan room: 300 baht per night. Monthly rate: air con - 4,000 baht, fan - 3,000 baht. There's also a 9 bed dorm for 150 baht per night. See their website: (opens in new window) Tel: (Nida) 084-608-2275 (Saisuda) 081-993-9911 Office: +66 (0)53-811-700 Email:

4) Le Chalet Suite - Apartment/Hotel complex just a bit further on from number 3 (Backpacker House) - studenty area with internet cafes and coffee shops - the road is actually quite quiet though and you're very close to forested Wat Umong. Rooms/Apartments cost between 650 and 2,000 baht daily. Monthly, between 6,500 and 20,000 baht. See their website: (opens in new window) Address: 56, M.8 Soi Wat Umong, T.Suthep, Chiang Mai TEL/FAX: +66 [0]53 328 344-5, +66 [0] 53 811 471Hotline: +66 [0] 83 026-2156, +66 [0] 86 326-0320 E-MAIL:

5) Baan Nai Lek - On a very quiet hill road so a great location. Rooms/studio condo/traditional home cost between 700 and 3,000 baht per night. Monthly rates are also available but you'll have to contact them to find out these. Website: (opens in new window) Address: 66/6, Moo 14 Suthep Road, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai. Tel: 053 810 417-8, 053 810-661-3

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