Central Hill Place - A Great Place If You're Staying Long-term in Chiang Mai

Central Hill Place is one of the hotels I'd consider staying in if I was living in Chiang Mai for a long time (which I sometimes think about!).

It's in a gloriously quiet area of Chiang Mai, close to the impressive Doi Suthep mountain and forested Wat Umong. So first and foremost, it's the location I like. But the actual hotel is great.

The great looking suite rooms...

It's a large modern building. There are 2 styles of rooms - the smaller rooms are priced at 550 baht per night but if you can stay for 5 months, the room will cost just 4,500 baht per month. I didn't actually see the smaller rooms because they were full but I did see the larger rooms (re: apartment) priced at 900 baht per night and 10,000 baht per month if you stay for 5 months.

The sofa area of the suite rooms

Have a look at their website: www.centralhillplace.com. The suite rooms that I saw were great - large, with 2 separate areas (bedroom and living area) - and a comfortable looking sofa and TV. It was very nicely furnished - there's a kitchen space too (you can purchase your own electrical cooker (not gas).

The good-sized swimming pool

There's a pleasant looking communal swimming pool here and CCTV security. All rooms come with TV, fridge, air-conditioning, private hot water bathroom and wifi internet for your laptop (if you stay long term, there's a 400 baht monthly charge for the wifi and you have to pay electric bills). Contact them by email:

Tel: +66 (0)53 328 111

Email: num_cmgate@hotmail.com / info@centralhillplace.com or through their website

Address: 100 Bannmaihummor Soi 1, Suthep Rd, Chiang Mai

The standard rooms are great for the price too

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Hi Iain, Thanks for such a thorough website. Just spent several hours reading your site - absolutely incredible.
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Hi Iain, In essence, a brilliant site. I often spend long periods in Chiang Mai - a site that lists all the guest houses, with monthly prices and pictures, saves me so much time and effort. It's what I was wishing for. Unbelievably useful.
Jay, England

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